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walling and masonry services


We provide a great service in Yorkshire and beyond supplying many different types and sizes of walling and masonry. As well as Heads and Cills we supply Quions, Kneelers, Mullions, Jambs, Water Tabling and Coping to name a few. All can be sawn profiled or moulded to order, please contact us with any questions, we are happy to help.

dringstone walling services


Tumbled Walling

Available in Sandstone and Limestone, standard course heights of 100mm, 140mm, 180mm and 100mm/115mm on bed all by random lengths. Non standard sizes available to order.

Pitch Faced Walling

Available in Sandstone and Limestone, with standard course heights of 100mm, 140mm, 180mm and 215m all at 100mm/115mm on bed with random lengths. Non standard sizes are available to order.

Split Faced Walling

Available only in Sandstone and only available to order. This is sold as random course heightsand random lengths and 100mm/125mm on bed. Also available in split face is coursed walling which is available in Sandstone and Limestone 100mm, 140mm and 180mm x random lengths x 100mm/115mm on bed.

Ashlar Walling

Available in Sandstone and Limestone and again is only cut to order. Ashlar walling is Sawn Six Sides and has a polished face.

We can supply a range of other walling finished like cottage faced, punched and herringbone. These are not usually stock items and are made to customer individual requirements.

Random Walling

Available in Sandstone and Limestone, this is sold by the tonne and comes as random course heights x random lengths x random on bed. These can also be backed off as required.

Reclaimed Walling

This can include Delph, Punched and herringboned and stocks change regularly. Customers requiring this are advised to ring the office and check the availability.

Six Sided Sawn Walling

Available in Sandstone and Limestone and is only cut to order. Please note that this has a smooth finish on all 6 sides but is not polished.

profiling and masonry


All of our Profiling and Masonry services are made to individual customer requirements, from a single Cill or step to a full house or housing development. Below is a selection of pieces that are ordered regularly.

Heads and Lintels

As with all other masonry these are cut to order and normally work into a course height of either brick or stone and sit on a catnic as they are not load-bearing. They come standard as six sided sawn but can have a keystone or be moulded shaped or profiled.


Standard profiles for cills are either straight chamfered or stooled ended and they usually work in a course of either bricks or stone.


Square cut or bevelled



Water Table

Six sided sawn or chamfered

Plinth Course

Square cut or chamfered

House Names/Numbers

Available in a large range of fonts and sizes.

Jambs and Mullions

They are all bespoke and are cut to order. Six sided sawn or profiled and chamfered.

coping and pillar caps


Coping comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be cut and profiled to match up to existing or designed to suit.


Steps can be cut six sided sawn or bull nosed. As with the coping steps are all cut to order and customers specification.

Six Sided Sawn

This is just smooth on all sides sold in a range of thickness and widths and usually  comes in random lengths.

Chamfered, Hogged Back, Apexed etc

This is all cut to order.


Hedgehogs are individual stones cut to stack on top of a wall to form a traditional run of coping.

new and tumbled setts

New and tumbled

They come in an average of 140mm wide x random lengths and in a variety of widths; 50mm, 66mm and 75mm.


internal masonry services



We offer a made to measure service on all our Bespoke Fireplaces and Hearths. We use Sandstone and Limestone sourced from local Quarries as well as Quarries from Lincolnshire, Lancashire, West Riding and Cumbria. 

Fireplaces and Hearths can have profiles, bevells, moulds or Bullnoses on or just left six sided sawn.

Fireplaces can also be cut from Reclaimed stone and sandblasted.


Square cut, half bullnose or full bullnose.


A variety of indoor flooring available with both riven and sawn finishes, in a variety of sizes.

reclaimed stone in north yorkshire



Sandstone with a flat face and a natural bed. Usual course height is between 2" and 5" and backed off to 5" on bed.

Parallel Punched

Sandstone with a flat face and approx 1/2" punch mark. Course heights vary from 5"- 12".

Other reclaimed walling is available please ring the office for more details. Samples and metre panels are available on all the walling we supply.

We also Stock a large range of Reclaimed Steps, Ridging, Coping, Quions etc to compliment the different walling.

Random Reclaimed Sandstone

A random range of stone with a wide variety of uses from walling to rockery stone.


Random course height with either a cropped or random bed.

Mr Robinson, Pickering

Dringstone provide an excellent service with a range of products to choose from. The old york flags we selected are perfect.....
north yorkshire masonry services
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